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1. Limitation of Liability


Contents of this Website While we use reasonable efforts to provide an accurate website we make no representations as to the accuracy, completeness and timelineness of the information. You use the service of this website at your own risk. The views of the authors, expressed in the papers for download on this website, are solely the authors’ and not necessarily the opinion of our company.

Availability of the Website


We take care for an interrupted on-line service. Also at all care we can not exclude possible system downtimes. Our company reserves the right of changing or stopping the offers at any time.


Information regarding external




This website provides links to other websites (external links). We make no representation concerning – the respective operating company is reliable. Before the link was firstly made Matrix Rhythm Therapy UK had checked the contents of these pages in regard of infringement. At that time there was no obvious infringement. Our company has no influence on the current and future design and contents of the external links. The setting up of external links does not mean that our company adopts the link’s contents as our own. A permanent control of the external links without any concrete reference to a determined right violation will not be possible for our webmaster. But if it is ascertained that a service, to which we provide a link, infringes upon a law the link to this site will be immediately removed.




The addresses which can be found by selecting the menu item “Where to find a Matrix therapist?” do not represent any acceptance by our company. This search function is just part of the on-line service of Matrix Rhythm Therapy UK, in order to assist the users with their search for a point of contact.


No contractual relationship


No contractual relationship takes place with the use of this website between the user and the company. Also no contractual or virtually contractual claims in this respect arise against Matrix Rhythm Therapy UK


2. Copyright


The content published on this website is liable to copyright. Any utilisation not allowed by the  copyright requires the previous written consent of the providing company or the respective rights holder. This applies particularly to copy, processing, translation, one storage, processing or account of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Contents and contributions of third parties are labelled as such. The forbidden copy or passing on of single content or complete sites is not allowed and liable to prosecution. Merely the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and not commercial use is permitted.


Links to the website are welcomely any time and do not require any consent of our company. The presentation of this website in strange frames is permitted only with permission.


3. Privacy


By the visit of the website of our company information about the access (name, time, sites) can be saved on the server. These dates are not part of the person-related data but are made anonymous. They are evaluated exclusively for statistical purposes. A passing on to third parties for commercial or noncommercial purposes does not take place. The author particularly points out that the data transmission can show security vulnerability (e.g. during the communication by e-mail) and be not completely protected from the access by third parties. The usage of the company’s contact details for commercial advertising is undesirable unless we had assigned written consent before or there is already a business relationship. The company and all persons mentioned on this website hereby contradict any commercial use and passing on of their data.


4. Applicable Law


The substantial law of the Federal Republic of Germany is exclusively valid.


5. Special Terms of Usage


As far as special conditions for some users of this website of the aforementioned items 1 to 4 differ it is emphatically pointed out. In this case the special terms of usage are valid supplementarily in individual cases.

6. Evidence Based Medicine Information

“Matrix Rhythm Therapy“ per se, including the below-stated purposes, modes of action and medical applications of the “Matrixmobil®“ device, have their origins in Complementary Medicine and are understood as alternatives and supplements to the scientifically-based treatment methods of conventional medicine. At present, the claims concerning the stated therapeutic applications and treatment methods are supported only by studies with small cohort numbers, pilot studies, observational evidence and case reports. No clinical studies of evidence Level 1b (randomized, placebo-controlled trials of high methodological quality and an adequate number of test persons) are presently available; so that the stated therapy, treatment methods and treatment possibilities must be regarded as not yet validated.

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