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  Pain Therapy a Holistic Perspective


Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is applied in the field of human medicine in order to maintain health (preventive medicine) as well as to optimise post-operative rehabilitation.

Chronic muscle pain, especially in the neck and spinal areas, is today quite prevalent in many patients. In Germany, for example, more than 30% of population suffer from multiple problems of the supportive tissues, the nervous and muscular skeletal system. Classic healing methods involving treatment with conventional diagnostic and therapeutic concepts often prove to be insufficient.

            Matrix RhythmTherapy can be applied in the following cases:

  • Reduction of swelling – haematoma, oedema, problems in the lymph stream;

  • Improvement of flexibility and stretching – pes equninus, scars, adhesion, contractures, postural deformity;

  • Regulation of local or systematic muscular hypo- or hyper-tonus – hardening, remanence, spasticity, cyst problems;

  • Improvement of limited joint mobility – post-traumatic or after immobilisation, cyst fibrosis;

  • Palliation of acute or chronic pain – over-expansion of muscle fibres, zoster, neuralgia, migraine, phantom pain;

  • Increase in the functional and structural regeneration of nerve – Carpal Tunnel syndrome, damage of N. Peroneus Sudeck syndrome, tinnitus, nerve immobility;

  • Improvement in the regeneration of chronic degenerative illnesses – rheumatism, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, osteoarthrosis; and

  • Improvement in the regeneration of illness concerning the capillary vascular system in cutis and subcutis – ulcus cruris, cellulitis.


Matrix Rhythm therapy in Competitive Sports:

The primary options for applying Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy in competitive sports are for the massage of muscles, the reduction of muscle induration (scaring) or hardening.

The muscles of top athletes are subject to permanent stress and require a special kind of care. Many competitive athletes and physiotherapists have already bought the Matrixmobil® and use it regularly in order to optimise regeneration after training or after a competition.

Due to the specific course of motion, marathon runners or bi-athletes in particular characteristically show contractions in femoral muscles, pain and hardening in the back, in the abdominal muscles and the pectoral girdle. The Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy helps to systematically relax these muscles. It alleviates pain and prevents injuries of muscles or tendons.

What Contraindications Must Be Taken into Account?​

  • open, inflamed or infected skin surfaces;

  • new fractures;

  • increased bleeding tendencies or haemorrhaging;

  • tendency for embolism;

  • cardiac pacemakers;

  • mucous membranes;

  • direct bone contact;

  • direct eye contact.