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Have been suffering with a frozen shoulder for many years, after just 2 treatments of Matrix Rhythm therapy i have full movement in my arm again, the treatment was totally pain free and I would recommend this treatment.
Mr H :Cheshire

In 2017, I trained in Matrix Rhythm Therapy, for treating and preventing medical conditions connected with the musculoskeletal system.My time is taken 40% by using MaRhyThe® when my clients have aches, pains, I combine this with manual fascial work, million times more effective than all other method

Mrs R Trzebinski, Pilates Instructor

Mrs W

Date of Birth: June 1971

Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease

Medication: Pregabalin 150mg 2 x a day Naproxen 500mg 2 x a day

Amitriptyline 30mg x 1 a day Omeprazole 20mg 2 x a day Fexofenadine 180mg 1 x a day Duloxetine 60mg

1 x a day Ferrous Fumarate 2 x a day B12 injection 1 x every 8 weeks,

I have had chronic back, hip & leg pain for over twenty years. I now also have pains down my leg and a

constant numb foot. It has got gradually worse as the years have gone by with peaks of pain when two

separate discs collapsed, once 14 years ago and a second one 18 months ago. This pain has completely

controlled my life and over the past 18 months I have had to use a walking stick 100% of the time and

when out i.e. shopping I have needed a wheelchair. I now have an automatic car, do most of my shopping

on line and all the jobs around the house i.e. vacuuming, ironing, washing, cleaning and cooking has all

been done by my husband and my two teenage boys. My sleep pattern was rubbish, mostly because of the

pain but also because of the medication I have been taking. If I did any sort of activity in the day, I needed

to try and sleep in the afternoon just to function and night sleep was broken where I could only manage 45

minutes at a time. As for personal care, I needed help getting in and out of the bath, putting on my shoes

and socks; and getting up and down the stairs.

I started Matrix Rhythm Therapy on 2nd January 2018, did not really know what to expect. At first I could

not even lie on the table on my front so I had to sit leaning forward. The Therapists worked together along

my spine and initially I struggled to even let them put any pressure on me because i was in so much pain

and I was constantly jumping with their touch. After only 4 sessions I was able to lie on the table on my

front and I could feel that the pain had moved further down and I was feeling less pressure and more


Alongside the treatment they suggested I drank more water, herbal teas, eat fresh fruit, vegetables and

less gluten products, also to stop drinking any carbonated drinks. They also gave me some light exercises

to do at home.

Now I am nearly two months on. I do not use my walking stick unless I’m walking a distance, the leg pain

and numb foot only come on after walking a distance. I do not need any help with personal care and I am

now doing much more around the house. Matrix Rhythm Therapy has completely changed my life. It has

given me a better quality of life, I have my independence back, I am reducing my medication and the pain

is so much less.

I am not there yet, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Mrs W Cheshire

 I have suffered with chronic upper back pain for 5 years following a car accident.I stumbled on Matrix Rhythm therapy when I attended a day spa in Ischia while on hoilidays.I felt immediate pain relief after one session which lasted for several days .When I returned home and went online to research this treatment and  to try and find anyone in Ireland that I could attend to get more treatments.Unfortunately there was no one in Ireland so I contacted Dr Randoll’s office in Munich who put me in contact with Matrix Rhythm Therapy UK who were  setting up a new Matrix therapy service in the U.K.I travelled to the U.K for 3 days and had 3 sessions with them with great relief to the muscle stiffness and pain which lasted 3 weeks.I think with regular sessions I will continue to see an improvement

Mrs D Carroll :Dublin

For 2 Years I suffered with no circulation in my fingers due to falling on my hand. I had 3 sessions of matrix rhythm therapy and now the colour and circulation has been restored to my fingers - thank you matrix rhythm therapy UK
Mrs H : Cheshire

I have had back and neck problems for some considerable time, and recently underwent a course of 6 sessions using matrix rhythm therapy. I am delighted to say that my back problems have disappeared entirely, and there has been a great improvement in my neck problems.My neck problems are probably arthritic, and probably not totally curable, but the improvement is very noticeable. I will not hesitate to go for further therapy sessions with the matrix if necessary. 

Mr M : Cheshire.

Having been suffering with numbness, pins and needles in my left hand and fingers for several months, I went to see my GP who sent me to have nerve test studies done, it showed that I've have a trapped nerve in my elbow (Cubital tunnel syndrome), I was advised to wear a splint to keep arm straight, if after 6 weeks there was no improvement then surgery would of been required. I was then told about Matrix Rhythm Therapy by a friend, I had a chat with Andrew and decided to give it go, I've now had 3 sessions and I'm very happy to say that I no longer suffer with the numbness and pins and needles, the treatment left you feeling very relaxed, and could feel improvement right from the very first session.


M Sturch : Manchester