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Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy is an innovative therapeutic approach invented by Dr Ulrich Randoll,  following fundamental research studies into cell biology conducted at Erlangen University in Germany. 


Here is the basic underlying principle:

  All cells of biological systems vibrate rhythmically as long as they are alive.

The human body is always oscillating – as are the bodies of all endothermic animals (e.g. horses, cats, dogs, etc.) – in a frequency range between 8 – 12 vibrations per second. 


 The rhythmically vibrating skeletal muscles constitute 36-42 percent of our body and are needed to facilitate the removal of metabolic products from the cellular connective tissue. 

When there are any muscular disorders, vibrations will slow down. This can lead to swelling, pain and hardening of the affected cell areas  these may consistently cause changes in muscle tissue, blood vessels and nerve tissue. Without the pumping effect of healthy, rhythmically vibrating muscles, the efficient functioning of cells cannot be maintained.

Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy with its resonator (Matrixmobil®) creates mechanical and magnetic vibrations in the affected region and  restores the rhythms back to normal and initiates self-healing process. The result is that the affected tissue (muscles, skin, tendons, etc.) becomes relaxed and flexible for pain-free, improved mobility.


Please click here to watch the video where Dr U Randoll explains the Matrix Rhythm Therapy Concept